The philosophy behind our work

Our domaines are managed according to sustainable methods. The use of specific cultivation techniques aims to reduce the number of treatments by optimizing their position and efficiency. Environmental concerns are at the core of our approach and influence our work in the vineyards and the cellars.

Crémants de Bourgogne

We are one of the few Maisons in Burgundy to produce both our own wines and our own Crémants de Bourgogne. The grapes from a plot selection are harvested by hand then pressed slowly in our pneumatic wine press. The blends are created based on the terroirs the grapes came from, and the personalities we want these vintages to have. The effervescence is produced directly in the bottle and develops its finesse during long months of ageing in our cellars at a constant 16°C.

Red wines

The grapes pass over a sorting table and are sorted before being loaded into the vinification vat. We immediately carry out a "cold pre-fermentation" maceration which, by cooling the vat to 10°C, optimises the development of the grapes' natural flavours and oxygenates the must. We favour long vatting with daily cap-punching for 8-10 days to facilitate the extraction of the tannins and colours. Lastly, the final maceration lasts 3-5 days, while the must rests gently at a controlled temperature to develop greater finesse and aromas.

White wines

The grapes are harvested by hand.For our white wines, the grapes are brought whole to our pneumatic wine press. Slow gentle pressing allows the juices to be extracted in the best possible conditions. These juices are then placed in a settling vat and cooled to 8° for 24 hours to clarify them. Lastly, they are placed in oak barrels for alcoholic fermentation where they will develop silky aromas.

Ageing in the cellar

Two vaulted cellars, carved out of the rock, provide the best possible conditions year-round for ageing our wines. They enjoy a stable temperature of 10 - 12° and optimum hygrometry of about 70%. Ageing takes place in French oak barrels from the Allier département or the Centre region. Because our goal is to encourage the expression of the wine and the terroir, we choose lightly-heated fine-grained oak-wood for the barrels. Ageing takes from 10 to 18 months, depending on the appellation and the year.